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Quick sketch
Pokemon A Team evolve by NiagraFalls
My Dragons by NiagraFalls
A quick sketch of your character/s with no colours and can have shading on the characters and background. You can decide what your character/s wears. Can range from full view to only drawing the head if your character/s
Art trade: Xion by NiagraFalls
A Fully coloured chibi or chibified character with a fully coloured background. You can decide what you want the background to be and what you character wears.
4 Way split head-chest view
Team A PMD Explores of the unknown... by NiagraFalls
One character in each section of the page from the head to chest view, The characters and background are fully coloured. You can decide what you want the background to be and what you characters wear and if you want the characters to over lap onto another character's section.
One character full view / head to waist/ head to chest view
Request: Felesipalas by NiagraFalls
Miyoko by NiagraFalls
Beyond: The Dragon Flame by NiagraFalls
Fully coloured background and character. You can decide what you want the background to be and what you character wears. 
Two character full view / head to waist view/ two way split
Elora and Bianca as mermaids by NiagraFalls
You were always a part of me... by NiagraFalls
The Eevee Sisters. by NiagraFalls
Two characters fully coloured with a coloured background. One character in each section of the page from the head to chest view, The characters and background are fully coloured. You can decide what you want the background to be and what you characters wear. like the 4 way split I can divide the page and have each character in their own section and if you want the characters to over lap onto another character's section.
Three characters head to waist / full view/ three way split
Pokemon MD Team Me by NiagraFalls
My pokemon MD team in colour by NiagraFalls
Eevee Starters by NiagraFalls

3 characters fully coloured with fully coloured background. You can decide what you want the background to be and what you characters wear and if you want. the characters can be split on the page and have their own sections and can overlap into another character's section.

Crouching Kougra Hidden Oath by NiagraFalls
Kirby in the Copy Creator by NiagraFalls
Full coloured poster characters and background. You can ask me how many characters you want on the poster  I can draw up to 1-8 characters on a poster.
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  • Playing: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explores of time
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 My art work isn't stolen but I'm reposting these journals about art thieves you can read the journals below.

This needs to stop -_- (1 Admin FOUND) All right I thought this group was taken down but apparently they like playing dirty. I am sure you all remember the page where they we're taking art work and putting their own copyright marks on it well their back and their still doing it.
Please share, repost any where and everywhere. Whether it's on your own facebook, Deviantart account or another art site.
One of the admins to the page is a man named: Isaias Macedo (He should have an avatar of Simba or a lion king character of some sort)
Note: To report anything on that page please go here:
And this annoying Kion page that supports the theft but what else is new:
They have taken the following art work:
Art theft and Lion porn (Not joking just read)PLEASE RE-POST THIS JOURNAL
Yep lets see we have a few new thieves that haven't been posted on my long list and I doubt you all want to read to find out who the updates are so I'll be posting them here. One of the thieves have a deviantart. A person who goes by the name MadameJustine1 
Any of your lion king art she faves she posts upon here facebook page:
She also uses bases without proper credit.
-------------------UPDATE Version 0.3-------------------------
Yep another page this has stolen artwork both recolored and otherwise, pornography and stolen characters, Artists Like Rinja, CapricornFox, NineNeckfur and more, please report this disgusting page.
Another Troll and another thief (HTTYD related)Yes I know I post about them a lot better to be safe then sorry. It has come to my attention that this person here: Has a habit of posting TLK fetish bases upon TLK groups that he joins. Harmless enough but still please be aware.
Even if some of you don't have HTTYD work or are fans of it please do repost this journal. We need to get rid of these disgusting accounts as fast as possible. It's different if they credit or have some form of respect for an artist but they obviously don't. 
Yes this thief is based off of HTTYD art work. I will be posting more TLK but I do need to keep my options open.
This one person though is by far the rudest, she doesn't care that she's stealing work and horribly coloring it over, I've told her plenty of times and countless times she has blocked, commented back telling me to pretty much fuck off. She doesn't speak english but she is aware at what she's doing and that's what makes this
  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Listening to: Summer's Just begun Tinkerbell
  • Reading: The Golden Compass
  • Watching: The Anomaly
  • Playing: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explores of time
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Usually I stay away from horror games especially ones that have loads of jump scares but I was interested in Among The Sleep after realising that there weren't a lot of jump scares the premise is cool being a toddler as a main character and having sentient bear for a companion to find the toddler's mother. I did find it creepy that the bear was reading stories to the toddler and I though the bear was going to turn evil at the start of the game but never did. 


I originally thought that the child was dreaming hence the title Among The Sleep at first, until at the ending it was the mother all along which was sad and seeing that she's an alcoholic was also sad.

Techincally speaking the only play though I've watched with loads of jump scares is Pewdiepie's Friday Nights at Freddie's which was scary and funny watching the video and does seem really hard to make sure all the creepy animatronics don't catch you during each night.

I've even been brave enough to watch a play though of Slender: The Arrival and it's seriously scary and I don't mind the jump scares in the game since is not a horrid scream it's just static which I can deal with but the slender man himself is creepy.   

The Anomaly


I watched this movie the other day and I think it's really good low budget movie. I thought the movie was really good and I wondered how Ryan was so good at fighting until I read the synopsis properly on my TV saying that he was an ex solider which I guess makes sense that he can instantly beat the crap out of everyone and defend himself well. 

I thought the Langham family's plan was seriously stupid causing viruses to cause mutations and rearrange the DNA coding so people could suffer and they could get filthily rich, I thought that there’s a million other ways on how to strike fear in thousands of people. I was really surprised to see a few product placements since the movie as the only movie that it reminded me was the super Mario Bros movie and they had TONS of product placements but I do like the movie. 

This movie reminded me of Beyond: Two Souls it's not even funny as both of these are told out of order. The film made me appreciate that you don’t need to follow the normal a straightforward movie like Hot Fuzz (another movie I like) although there’s not much of Ryan’s personality that is explored I don’t mind since it’s a plot driven story that does eventually make sense in the film to me anyway.    

I wasn't that disappointed that you don't get to see much of the futuristic world (I wouldn't be too surprised if technology looked like that in the next 20 years or so)

The one thing I found cool was that they don't even need a phone to contact the police they can use a computer which I wouldn’t be surprised if this was already invented in this or the next century and since technology is getting more and more advanced that we probably would use computers for everything… well I don’t mean literally everything.


The ending was quite unexpected as I thought that the main character Ryan was controlled by radio somehow at the end but I could be wrong. I thought of this because every time his mind was taken over by Dr. Langham static was heard and the scene would distort causing Ryan's body would be taken over by Dr. Langham but because in the end scene we don't see a scene where it blurs out from his point of view.


I do like the ambiguous ending as it made me think that Ryan was right to say that he should kill himself or that Dana should kill him when he turns back since he says that he’d be taken over again (even when Dana takes out the virus from his neck) which I think did happen at the end since Dr. Lagham’s son Harkin was always one step ahead of Ryan to always know when Ryan would be in control of his body if he automatically drops the stress ball which was always in his hand when Dr. Langham would be in control of him, so I think he found another way to control him. Not only that but spending 9 minutes and 45 seconds in a conscious state is quite a scary thought. I wished the movie had a bigger budget but it’s a good movie overall.  

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PONYO is SO adorable!!!!!

I'm pretty late in watching this animated 2D movie, but the moment I saw 'Ponyo' on TV I HAD to watch it and I fell in love with it like the movie 'Spirited Away' which I've watched more than 20 times now. I'd love to watch 'Ponyo' the movie 5 more times, I should have recorded the movie actually (I failed X( ) I might just get it on DVD to see all the things I've miss out on the first run, I'd love to see more of Ponyo running on the water with the giant water fishes which I believe are her sisters (I wonder if she had any brothers) I loved Ponyo's fathers helpers that were the waves with eyes I thought they were really cool, I like all the characters though I have to say that Lisa is an amazing and kind of reckless when it comes to driving but I think it makes her all the more awesome and brave although if I was in that car with her when she drove back home despite the many warnings of the flood I be terrified cause I can't swim to save my life X(. 


Chapter 5 for my Beyond Two Souls fanfic is already out here
 Chapter 6 and  Chapter 7 will be posted hopefully this year over the holidays I have.

Neopet Meme: Completed yay.

Raysheem vs Duemax: Part 6 done.

Hopefully when the holidays begin...

I'll hopefully draw more of my OC's finally.

Start and finish writing my much other shorter AU fanfictions over the holidays the one thing they all have in common I that the powers divert from cannon and their all based of my dreams. I might start writing Pretty Cure Max Heart Fanfiction or My Little Pony: FIM fanfiction.


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