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Sketch / black and white
Pokemon A Team evolve by NiagraFalls
My Dragons by NiagraFalls
A sketch of your character/s with or without shading. Can range from full view to only drawing the head if your character/s.
Chibi/ baby
Art trade: Xion by NiagraFalls
A Fully coloured chibi/s or baby character/s in full view with a fully coloured background.
Head to chest view/ head view/ Profile view
Team A PMD Explores of the unknown... by NiagraFalls
Siyrra my ice dragon by NiagraFalls
Lychee Side profile by NiagraFalls
Beyond: The Dragon Flame by NiagraFalls
Spyro's reflection by NiagraFalls
Clover my fairy dragon by NiagraFalls
Fully coloured background and character/s from a head view or head to chest view.  
Head to waist view
Request: Felesipalas by NiagraFalls
You were always a part of me... by NiagraFalls
You were always there... by NiagraFalls
Maxine Caufield by NiagraFalls
Happy Holidays from Lychee by NiagraFalls
Lychee and the sky lanterns by NiagraFalls
Fully coloured background and character/s head to waist view:
Full view
Elora and Bianca as mermaids by NiagraFalls
Miyoko by NiagraFalls
Mew Lychee by NiagraFalls
Pokemon MD Team Me by NiagraFalls
My pokemon MD team in colour by NiagraFalls
Rachel Amber Sirenix Fairy by NiagraFalls

Fully coloured background and character/  s full body.

Spyro's alternate World... by NiagraFalls
Classic Spyro Collab by NiagraFalls
Skylander Spyro Collaboration by NiagraFalls
Legendary Spyro Collabtation by NiagraFalls
Spyro's Alternate Universal Collabtation by NiagraFalls
Kirby in the Copy Creator by NiagraFalls
Fully coloured background or blank background with multiple characters some characters in full view, head shots, full body, head to waist view.
The 10 first to comment will get a free feature, I'll choose two artworks from you that I admire to feature here and in return you have to make a Feature Journal like this as well with me featured in the first slot~


Curiously Along by GalacticCommanderKat 'Why are you looking at my butt?' by GalacticCommanderKat









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Beyond Two Souls: It Starts With A Visit (AU)

  • Next Update: 

  • Life Is Strange/ Winx Club

  • Next Update: One Shot: 15% 

Life Is Strange Polarised

The first part of the episode made my skin crawl and I wanted Max to punch Max Jefferson in the face over and over. I’m not a fan of adjusting the photos in the game as it takes me forever to do so luckily I had help from my brother to.


The Nightmare Part


The part where Max open the doors I swear Max was being to go insane and my brother thought Max was in Limbo kind of like the movie Inception. The part hiding from Mr Jefferson and the others was weird and kinda of hard it part was really hard at first I was had to restart to the last check point only stuck on the part where you had to hide from the two Mark Jefferson’s I was confused as to why too of them was there. My brother said that it was due to realties were merging and then I thought what if the two Mark Jefferson saw it other would it create a time paradox? Dun! Dun! DUN!


The part where time is reminded backwards was really cool and reminded me of the time where the glitch happened when I played the last part of episode four and reminded time when Chloe and Max tried to find Rachel Amber’s body. It was pretty cool hearing the music played backwards.


My only regret was not telling Joyce about David when Maxine is at the Two Whales Diner at Episode 5.


I chose to “Sacrifice Chloe” as I thought it was the right thing to do, it was really sad. When I looked at the “Sacrifice Acadia Bay” to me personally this ending felt more worse seeing the place wrecked made my bones go cold.


A funny glitch that happened


When Warren gives Max the picture of when he took a picture of himself and Max outside of Blackwell on the night of the end of the world party. Chloe’s model went still but the dialogue kept on going and it made me laugh it’s an emotional part.

I can't wait for the DLC!



Broken Age  Act 1 (Spoiler Free)


I watched Cryaotic’s play through on Youtube a few years ago.


The first Act is really good and the characters were really interesting. Especially the ones that Vella met in especially the ones in cloud city.


I love puzzle games like this it  remedied me of


For the characters that Shay met I really love the balls of yarn there so adorable and cute.


I really want cloudshoes if it allows a person to walk on clouds and ice cream it sounds really awesome.



Broken Age Act 2


I watched Jesse Cox's playthough on Youtube.


tFor Vella’s part there’s so many questions espically since Mom who’s in charge of the spaceship is a real person and didn’t know that it was actually Mog chortha got me confused at first


I thought Marek The Wolf was quite interesting  


It was really funny seeing Shay be able to resistant the snake.


The talking tree was still funny but  the last part of this act espically the ending felt VERY rushed Shay and Vella didn’t say a word to each other.


Some of the puzzles looked ridiculous hard especially putting the hexapals back together again.

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  • Watching: Youtube videos
  • Playing: Life is Strange
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Hello Folks Claire Cooper here once again how are you all doing.
GREAT, now on to another matter at hand.
As you've all seen you no doubt know I have this really weird crack shipping Tojelsa. 
For those of you who don't know I will explain it to you best I can. Tojesla is a crack pairing I came up with about a year or two ago. It was a coupling between the famous popular Elsa with the lovable klutz Tojo from the TLK adventure books. Now to those of you who are probably wondering how in the hell is this even possible.
It's more of a AU (Alternate Universe for those who don't know) well it was actually thinks to a certain group that my friend WolffNoellehas a RP group called Disney World of War or DWoW for short. Now in Disney world of war it's basically what it sounds like all your favorite Disney characters from your heroes to your villains to your vi
   Big Art theft.. and even more weird shitYou guys know how I am. I find art thieves and post them up here to ask for help.
Sadly this one, this one is actually on DA. He's been stealing artwork for so long and no one has noticed it. I don't know how but I noticed quite a few bits of art and posted which ones need to be removed.
this is the guy here please give me a hand:
It's not just stolen art either though. He even has pictures of women and some times drawings of women on those weird bouncy balls.
He has pictures of random people even children on them. It's honestly a little disturbing, I mean if there friends of his fine but these are random people. It's honestly creepy and I found porn as well on there one or two pieces. You'll see once you scout his page like I have.
I'll put a few of the stolen arts up here. He also makes some artwork into meme's which is still in a way art editing. Some of it might not all be fan art but the on
Pinterest Thieves giving away your charactersNO YOU DID NOT READ THIS WRONG. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SHARE THE JOURNAL ASAP. Those of you who have MLP Characters and adoptables or TLK Characters and Adoptables please read. This is the mother load people so I need much more help this time around.
I would also appreciate if you told other artists about this as well they need to be informed. If you see a friend of yours on the list of artists being stolen from contact them and show them this journal so they know what's going on.

As you all know I make it my job to stop art thieves. Well thanks to an inside tip We have hit he mother load on Pinrest. There are people on Pinrest named 
Alexis C or she also has another account called: Alexis Cunningham and Tatlot 
  Need Help MAJOR please SPREAD WORD QUICKLYThis has just gone full blown fucking virus in this shit. I am not kidding within the past month almost over 15 new horrible altered TLK fan pages have been posted. I need some help, I have surgery in 2 days and I have been stressing about this shit today and I'd really rather not. Please to all of you TLK fans out there spread the word.
I Don't care if you don't like me, I don't care if you don't like what I do but if you have any fucking respect for the people who put hours into their stuff just so they can make you happy then please share this journal. This is stressful and I cannot do this alone. I have people who help me but sometimes even they can get overwhelmed, so please Spread this JOURNAL. NOW.
I'm sorry if I seem like an asshole but I am stressed to the max right now, I have a surgery in 2 days and feel a little shitty due to this stress and possibly this cold that has almost gotten out of my system. SO please just help out that's all I ask, I'm not asking you to contrib

I just wanted to help share :iconclaire-cooper: Journals.

From: :iconclaire-cooper:
Yep hello people this is a shameless plug for two very nice friends of mine.

WhiteDansha is looking for commissions and I have offered to help her spread the word. To learn more please visit the journal below.

Paypal Commissions?~ Welcome ~Whai hai thar :hai:
Wanna watch me Draw?
Come one come all ^_^

For the last two who has commissioned me i'm sorry but I have to put your point commissions on hold I apologize for this. However, i will finish them just not this moment. I'm in dire need of money due to financial issues and family problems. [Mother has ran up my credit and won't pay it back, my bank also keeps over charging me and can't obtain support anywhere. Also in need of extra spending money for college since my financial won't cover everything this year. Please help if you can please share this with any Deviant Artist who would be interested in commissioning me.
I've priced them fairly, and made sure to limit any chances of refunds there might be. 

The Scam OrdealAs some of you have probably heard from various gossip a new website has sprung up named "Wallpart" that supposedly is stealing people's artwork and selling it within the site.
I copy-pasted from a friend's journal because it's the best explanation I've seen thus far.
So, I have been notified by several people about pages of Peter & Company and other pieces of my artwork being supposedly "available for sale" through, and in the past 24 hours have seen many other artists make journals/submissions talking about finding their own work on there as well. Naturally, the inclination of any artist finding their work available for sale without their consent is to head to the "Report Violation" link attached to every listing and file a complaint to have it removed.
I've dug into their site code and reviewed some audits that were performed by other folks in various places online who were aware of this site's e

I just wanted to help share :iconcyrustarber: Journal
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On the same day Episode 4 for Life is Strange came out was the same day I went on holiday to New York City for five weeks hence why I haven’t posted anything for a while. 


I had a lot of fun there seeing all the sights there meeting family and friends and I finally went to the statue of Liberty which was pretty cool! Walking up the many flights of stairs was quite a challenge so I skipped several steps to use less energy since the line for the elevator was really long, but it’s worth it in the end. Walking back down the stairs is easy. And the view is lovey since the sun was shining and it was nice and humid.


Life is Strange Episode 4 with spoilers


On the same day I came back from holiday and having jet lag I decided to play this game without looking at any Youtube videos.


It was so sad to see Chloe in a wheelchair since Max kinda caused it by altering time and it was strange how she never knew Rachel Amber. I read the text messages and realised how much of a horrid person Max was too everyone including her parents excluding to Nathan, Victoria and Taylor. I always liked Taylor in both timelines. I was scared when I didn’t see Kate’s message since I saved her from the roof and was worried if she died or wasn’t friends with Max anymore.


I let Chloe die in her room since it was her last wish in the alternate timeline.

I was glad and sad that Max let William die, for her to go back in her original timeline.

I felt bad for David Madsen leaving since I sided with Chloe when they argued.



Since I shot Frank in the second episode (I think) he always got hurt with his blade when Chloe stepped in got hurt with a blade.


I let Warren beat the crap out of Nathan.


I was stuck on the part on putting the final three pieces of information together where Nathan took Kate after the party, because of my jet lag. I knew for the bottom row information that the shed was correct but I couldn’t figure the other two pieces until the next day.


I had goose bumps when I found out the right combination for the metal door in the stairwell in the abandoned shed. And my skin shuddered when I realised it was Mark Jefferson behind the case since from the videos from Geek Remix I saw on Youtube. The pictures and place made me shudder with unease.


I always helped Alyssa when trouble happened, the poem that she said i believed related to Max’s destiny which is pretty cool to me.

I failed to convince Victoria about her being next on the list.


I think that Max is aging since when I played the game and Max looked in the mirror in the Prices’ family bathroom she said something along the lines of herself looking older, then at the Vortex party when Justin who I think was tipsy at the time said the Max’s voice sounds deeper, but it’s just my speculation.


Strange and funny glitches in the game, which felt like actual time paradoxes.


Taking to Frank at the beach was strange since the rewind kept glitching the game and I had to restart twice.


When I decided to rewind the choice I made to see the different outcome when Maxine stopped Warren from beating up Nathan, the game froze. It was so weird Maxine was literally frozen in time which was really weird she didn’t even phase though the characters, it was like she was really stuck in time like when she froze time to get to Kate from the roof. It was pretty cool and funny.


The second time was when Chloe and Max were walking in the junkyard at night at the end of the game and Chloe says to Max to use her rewind powers when things go bad I used the rewind powers when the bird went past and she walked forwards instead of backwards and when the power stopped she walked backwards it was really funny and weird so I kept rewinding backwards for Chloe to move forward.


I can’t wait for Episode 5 Polarised to come out!





Since I have to go back to retake my second year at university which would certainly take up most of my time with my drawing and writing my fanfiction in mid-September... I dunno when I’ll update my Neopet comic since I haven’t touched it over the holidays and I’m trying to finish up on Chapter 8 for Beyond Two Souls fanfiction although I have written a bit of chapter 11 and 12 when I was on holiday.  I'll start on writing Avatar: A legend Reborn fanfiction sometime soon.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/ Avatar: The legend of Korra.

  • Tile: Avatar: A Legend Reborn (AU)

  • A one shot fanfiction.

  • Summary: Aang tries to convince the Beifong family that Toph would be suitable candidate to help him and his friends defeat the Fire Lord, the Dark Avatar and to help teach the new Avatar who’s reincarnated as an earthbender, so that they have a chance to master all four elements and bring peace to the world (AU. Aang’s not the Avatar…)

Beyond Two Souls: It Starts With A Visit (AU).

  BTS AU Fanfic: It Starts With A Visit. Chapter 8
Chapter Eight: Amusement Park Part 1

Nathan and Cole were not too happy with the stunt Aiden did since the department needed a new vending machine and most of the money was stolen which none of the staff owned up to. Aiden refused to rat anyone out since he only recognised some of the staff members like Greg and Jodie's math's teacher so he kept it to himself when Nathan and Cole asked him who stole the food and money. Jodie told them about the argument that happened between the two of them, so Nathan and Cole decided between themselves to take away Jodie's guitar for a two weeks which was placed in Nathan's office, to hopefully make Aiden behave. The result made Jodie angry with Aiden as she thought of a new song to play on her instrument on the same day.
A week passed and Jodie's school routine returned to normal she was glad that Aiden started to behave himself in the experiments again and when s

  BTS AU Fanfic: It Starts With A Visit. Chapter 9

Chapter Nine: Amusement Park Part 2

The sound of laughter from the group of happy adults that walked by made Susan smile as she wandered aimlessly around the park as she searched for the ticket booth machine. The smell of food, from the food cart made Susan lick her lips but she noticed that the line moved slowly at a snail pace with twenty people in the line, so she continued to move onward. Susan eventually came across a tall grey blue ticket booth machine at the edge of the amusement park that was situated a few feet from a long line of claw machines where Roxanne and her friends hid.
"I'm just glad this line's a lot shorter." Susan chuckled to herself as she realised a man who used the ticket booth machine at the time. Susan stood behind the man and folded her arms as she waited. Eventually her stomach started to churn and felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Hold on a second… why do I feel so agita

  BTS AU Fanfic: It Starts With A Visit. Chapter 10
Chapter Ten: Amusement Park Part 3

Susan shielded her face and gritted her teeth as she felt the left side of her face sting from the impact. "Ah! Crap!" she staggered backwards and bent forward in pain.
Rick yanked Roxanne's arm to pull her away from Susan. "Roxanne what the hell is wrong with you! Do you want that fucking witch to kill us?!" Rick whispered irately in her ear and gestured towards Susan. "She already apologised on behalf of her daughter!"
"This witch right here-!" Roxanne was cut off by Aiden who strangled her windpipe. She felt the entity's cold presence around her neck and face so immediately grabbed her throat gently with her hands.
Rick immediately grabbed his wife's shoulders from the side. "Roxanne?! Roxanne?! Honey?!" he said in alarm. She soon knelt on the floor with one knee so he knelt down tapped her back firmly.
Before long Susan decided went to Roxanne's side d

BTS AU Fanfic: It Starts With A Visit. Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven: Stipulation

With everything set Susan travelled to Fairholt station via the train, she applied the ice pack on her swelling for every ten minutes of her journey before she arrived at her destination which took an hour to get to, with the help of Aiden's constant healing reduced Susan's swelling by half in size and she could open her eye fully. The woman turned right as she left the station and briskly walked down the long street as she wasn't too fond of the grey clouds that loomed overhead in the dull grey sky the second she arrived at her destination she decided to put the ice pack in her beige handbag. The dark sky made the baby blue neon lights of the Day Light Dream Diner stand out more.
Susan swiftly entered the diner and realized just how packed it was. Every stool at the counter was taken which made her curse under her breath. Shit! The perfect seats are gone! It would have been the perfect opportunity to es

I dunno when I'll post Chapter 12 and 13.

Raysheem vs Duemax A Neopet comic

10% done I have only done one panel so far.  


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